The Hollow Earth Theory

There are many paths that lead you to think about the Hollow Earth theory. However, there are still people who have not listened to it or have not yet come to assimilate it into what it is. We can say that it was created by conspirators who invent fantastic things or that there is some powerful group of people who do not want to reveal the truth. Over time everything comes to light, and believe it or not, the Hollow Earth theory has many scientists and philosophers supporting it, as well as many others against it.

Scientists have told us all these years that there is proven evidence that the earth has metals inside it and that it is made up of layers all the way to the core. However, the  Hollow Earth theory says that there are several paths on the surface to reach the center, although the most accurate paths are at the poles, it is assumed that through the poles, we could go to the nucleus, which is where aliens live. according to some beliefs, the people of Atlantis, according to others, other civilizations, even all kinds of thoughts about it.

Ancient scientists wrote and drew the belief that was later taken up by modern scientists, several writers made stories about it, and there are even thousands of legends that support the theory. The same religion could agree when saying during history that the world of the dead is below us, the world of Hades, or those who said that the first people were born there and moved them to where we are now.

There is currently no certain evidence that the hollow earth exists. It’s just a collective imagination. Scientists tell us that the earth is solid because they have carried out studies and were able to detect that in the center of the earth, there is only metal moving at high speed due to the magnetic fields that surround us. Still, also, an image has never been seen where to see a tunnel, a passage, or someone coming out of it. On the other hand, if it was all a conspiracy to keep us from finding out the truth, then they would be hiding the information.